Nitronic 50 is an austenitic grade stainless steel superalloy. This austenitic stainless steel grade has a significant amount of nitrogen added to its alloy. Nitrogen, when added in a substantial quantity increases the Austenite stability of stainless steel, in this case, UNS S20910 material. Nitrogen is also responsible for the increase in the yield strength properties of Nitronic 50. In comparison to fellow austenitic stainless steel grades 316 and 316L, the yield strength at room temperature is almost two times higher.

XM 19 Stainless Steel Bolts

A reason why our clients prefer using the nitronic 50 fasteners is that the alloy offers a lucrative combination of high corrosion resistance and high tensile strength, properties which are not found in any other commercial alloy grade available in its price range. This being said, the corrosion resistance properties of XM 19 Stainless Steel Bolts rivals that of grade 316 and grade 316L as well as grade 317. Again its corrosion resistance properties, particularly pertaining to its characteristically good pitting resistance can be attributed to the addition of nitrogen.

It must not be forgotten that the UNS S20910 xm-19 nuts have excellent resistance to sulfide stress cracking along with being resilient to intergranular attack. Nitronic 50 Stud Bolt has very good mechanical properties at both cryogenic as well as elevated temperatures. The Alloy 50 Fasteners retains its low magnetic permeability property even after being exposed to sub-zero temperatures or severely cold worked conditions. Since the material is readily fabricated, Nitronic 50 is considerably stronger than the conventionally used austenitic 300 series stainless steel grades.

Standard Specification of XM 19 Stainless Steel Bolts

Specifications A320, A193 / ASME SA320, SA193, Grade B8RA, B8R, Cl.1 C / D
Sizing 3/6 inch upto 2 inch | M02 – M160
In Form of: Round, Threading, Hex, Square as per Gauge Etc.
Lengths 3 upto 200 Millimetre

UNS S20910 XM-19 nuts Equivalent Grades

Nitronic 50 1.3964 S20910

Alloy 50 Fasteners Mechanical Properties Database

Product Elongation (% in 50mm) min Tensile Strength (ksi) min Hardness Yield Strength 0.2% Proof (ksi) min
Nitronic 50 35 95 241 50

Chemical Element of Nitronic 50 Stud Bolt

Product C Ni Si Mn Cr Al S
Nitronic 50 min. - 11.50 - - 20.50 - -
max. 0.06 13.50 0.1 0.10 23.50 - 0.03