Production Capabilities

Our highly skilled technicians and state-of-the-art machinery allow us to address the demands of our ever-growing customer base. In our production facility, we are well equipped to manufacture bolts, stud bolts, nuts, and other fasteners of different specifications. The fasteners are produced via the hot or cold forging methods making use of different types of steel and the best raw materials.

Our workshop has an inbuilt heat treatment house that enables the processing of workpieces efficiently. Apart from this hot-dip galvanize coating and electro galvanize coating procedures take place in-house. Any additional coating applications can be performed on the products with the help of our approved suppliers.

The hot forging method we employ has allowed us to leave a mark in the industry as we are capable of producing large-scale bolts and fasteners of different sizes. The fasteners are capable of working efficiently across different industries due to their unique design geometry. The machining section manufactures customized parts that are suited for various sectors across harsh environments. Our experts are capable of machining long or odd sizes of fasteners that are not easily available in the market today. We are also capable of thread rolling metal to form threads on the interior and exterior of fasteners. Our cutting-edge machinery allows us to thread workpieces either fully, half, or partially.

The automatic cutting unit, hot forging unit, thread rolling unit, heat treatment, surface treatment, and a few other units in our factory allow us to produce top-of-the-line products fast.

Our know-how allows us to produce bolts, axels, studs, and screws of different dimensions. From products ranging from M-12x30 up to M-80x5600, our staff is capable of delivering high volumes of sophisticated workpieces and fasteners to your doorstep within a short lead time.

Testing Facilities

Our quality control and testing facilities comply with all the requirements as per international and national standards. The tests on our items are initiated right from raw material handling to the final delivery. In our products traceability is assured from all our raw materials that are produced via the forging, thread rolling, and heat treatment processes. Each item or batch has a matching serial number that is marked on the products that leave our workshop.

Our testing department is capable of issuing any certificates for destructive to non-destructive tests of the products on request. Any special tests on the products can also be performed, on to meet all service requirements.

We also hire third-party inspection companies to come and inspect our products every few months. This helps eliminate any bias and improve the trust of our clients in our products.

Available Equipment & Machinery In Our Factory

  • CNC Machine

    CNC Machine

  • MCT Machine

    MCT Machine

  • Hydraulic Press Machine

    Hydraulic Press Machine

  • Cold Forging Machine

    Cold Forging Machine

  • Heat Treatment Machine

    Heat Treatment Machine

  • Steel Pipe Making Machines

    Steel Pipe Making Machines

  • Mechanical Pipe Angle Channel Bending Machine

    Mechanical Pipe Angle Channel Bending Machine

  • Sheet Straightening Machine

    Sheet Straightening Machine

  • Nut Bolt Making Machine

    Nut Bolt Making Machine

Cutting And Welding

All welding techniques, programmed and manual, is utilized in our studio to ensure zero imperfections joints with tempered steel, carbon steel and extraordinary materials.

  • Bolts Cutting
  • Nut Welding
  • Bolts and Nuts Cutting
  • bolts Welding
  • Hex Nuts Welding
  • hex Bolt Cutting


An extremely lengthy involvement with manufacturing cycles of unique materials and a huge assortment of shaping passes on has made KM Steel India a world chief organization in this field.

  • Bolts Forging
  • Hex Bolts Forging
  • Stud Bolts Forging
  • large diameter bolts Forging
  • high tensile bolts Forging
  • eye bolts Forging

Heat Treatment

KM Steel India have an enormous cooling pool with a length of 15 meters and a profundity of 5 meters is accessible, near the primary heater, for extinguishing and treating.

  • Bolts Heat Treatment
  • Nuts Heat Treatment
  • U Bolts Heat Treatment
  • Hex Nuts Heat Treatment
  • Bar Heat Treatment
  • Pipe Heat Treatment

Shipping And Packing

  • Bolts Packing
  • Hex Bolts Packing
  • U Bolts Packing
  • Studs Packing
  • Hex Nuts Packing
  • nut and bolts Packing

Quality Control Equipments Lists

  • Polishing Machine
  • Nuts & Bolts Gauges
  • Metal Microscope
  • Spectral Analyzer
  • Coating Thickness Measurement Device
  • Bakelite Press
  • Profile Projector
  • Cutting Machine
  • Magnetic Particle Testing Device
  • Impact Test Machine
  • Friction Test Machine ( M 12 - M 72)
  • Hardness Tester (Micro Vickers)
  • Universal Tensile Tester (1500 kN & 5000kN )

Check Our Inspection Facilities Of Forging Material

Universal Testing Machine40 Ton
Magnetic Particle-
Brinell Hardness3100kgf
Portable Hardness-
Positive Material Identification-
Rockwell Hardness160 kgf
Surface Roughness-
Ultrasonic Hardness-

View Our Manufacturing Facilities

Marking Machine-
CNC Drill Master¢3000
Portable Marking Machine-
CNC Lathe 15"¢550
Band Saw¢500
CNC Lathe 6"¢180
CNC Turning¢850
MCT750 * 1900 * 800
Circular Saw¢90
CNC Vertical Lathe¢3000
CNC Lathe 12"¢450



KM Steel have north of 120 assembling hardware and in excess of 400 devices and molds to produce different Hot and Cold Industrial Fasteners.

bolts cold press framing machines

We have 3 bolts cold press framing machines for assembling bolt and nut. Their lord chamber weight is 1200T, 1000T and 65T.

hot press shaping machines

We have 2 hot press shaping machines. Medium recurrence enlistment warming is taken on. Their lord chamber weight is 300T and 200T.

Raw materials

Stainless steel pipes storage warehouse

Stainless steel pipes storage warehouse

Carbon Steel steel pipes storage warehouse

Carbon Steel steel pipes storage warehouse

 Coil and Foil Raw materials

Coil and Foil Raw materials

Material inspection

composition analysis

Apparatus for composition analysis

Metallographic microscope

Metallographic microscope

 Impact testing machine

Impact testing machine

Universal tensile testing machine

Universal tensile testing machine

 Webster hardness tester

Webster hardness tester

 Coating thickness test

Coating thickness test

Production Line

1. Sawing

Our unrefined substance incorporates billets, ingots, round bars. We will appraise input unrefined substance as per finish item, and saw according to work sheet

2. Heating

Three heating furnaces, max 1500kgs, can heat 3 tons per day for one shift

3. Hammering

Totally four hammers, max 1000kg

4. Heat treatment

normally we will heat to 1050 degree, and holding for 2.5-3 hours, and then cooling in water

5. Rough machining

Total twenty-three vertical lathes

6. Final machining

Numerical lathe to guranteen the accuracy

7. Marking

Marking with auto machine

8. Cleaning

Clean Industrial Fasteners

9. Package

Appropriate seaway transportation bundle, plywooden case with plastic film fixed inside