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Ever since we started manufacturing and supplying Metal and steel forgings to our clients in India and across the globe, our goal has always been to produce the highest quality products using the best raw materials available from our vendors. Responsibly sourced, our closed die forging products have made many stand tall because of their longevity and excellent performance. The processing of Cold Forging die material is done in-house with our team of quality inspectors checking the products at every stage of production. Being an innovative Forging company in India, our factory is dedicated to using green methods and ethical practises while constantly improving our Carbon Steel forging process.

The components produced in our factory use Different Types of Forging methods, depending on the alloy grade used by the application or as per the needs of our buyers. We follow specifications while making our products from different organizations, most prominent among them being the ASTM and ASME. However, if our client has requirements for the Alloy Steel Forgings that do not follow any specification or are not by the book, we can cater to these clients as well. We undertake customized orders for impression die forging including parameters such as size, design, alloy grade as well as processes and finished used. If you want to purchase different products made from Open Die Forging process, you can go through our website and have a look at them. Or if you wish for a more guided consultation, you can write to us at K.M. Steel India.

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