Buy High strength Nut Bolts, Hexagon socket head bolts, stud bolts at wholesale price Ex Mumbai

Located in Mumbai, KM Steel India was founded in 2011 to meet the growing need for high-performance fasteners in the industry. We produce hot forged fasteners that cover products ranging between M-12 to M-80 sizes or more. All the fasteners are produced in carbon, alloy, and stainless steel specifications to meet the demands of all our customers. The threading, heat treatment, and forging processes at our factory help enhance the functionality of the product, while increasing its durability and reliance in different conditions.

Our production shop has the state of the art technology and equipment that allows our workers to produce some of the best products in the industry. We have a vast stock of inventory of fasteners that are produced with the best raw material, allowing us to deliver items to your doorstep on short notice.


bolts and nuts inspection pipe fittings inspection pipe and tube inspection
Ultrasonic Test

The experience in this space has allowed us to supply fasteners across different regions in India. The growth of KM Steel India over the years has enabled us to partner with logistical and supply chains to deliver products across Asia, Europe, and America.


Be an industrial enterprise that produces top-quality products while being socially responsible and conscious about development of technologies to improve the production speed. Our experts will help you to make the best choices and produce the best hot forged fasteners, as per your requirements.


  • Be the go-to supplier and manufacturer in the country for hot forged fasteners.
  • Train our employees to follow industry standards to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • Able to serve our customers with a competitive price across our wide product range.
  • Supply quality products and provide additional services to our customers
  • Be conscious of the environment during our production process.
  • Stud Bolt
  • Washer
  • U Bolt
  • Hex Nuts

Environmental policy

KM Steel India company complies with all standards set by the governing body and legislature to protect natural resources and increase the energy efficiency of the planet. We try to reduce waste at the source and avoid all forms of pollution to protect the environment.

In Hosue Inspection And Testing

  • Ultrasonic Test

    Ultrasonic Test

  • Radiography Test

    Radiography Test

  • Hardness Test

    Hardness Test

  • Flattening Test

    Flattening Test

  • PMI Test

    PMI Test

  • Flaring Test

    Flaring Test

  • Hot Forging

    Hot Forging

  • Long Parts Machuning

    Long Parts Machuning

  • Thread Roll

    Thread Roll

  • Special Machining

    Special Machining

  • Testing


  • Dimensional control

    Dimensional control

  • Tensile strength testing

    Tensile strength testing

  • MPI testing

    MPI testing

Hot, Warm And Cold Forging

With hot steel producing, the temperature for fashioning is somewhere in the range of 950 and 1250 degrees Celsius. This make great formability and requires lower framing powers. Warm fashioning is finished somewhere in the range of 750 and 950 degrees, has restricted formability and necessities higher framing powers than hot producing. Finally, cool producing is finished at room temperature and up to 150 degrees, with exceptionally low formability and requiring extremely high shaping powers.

Forge Division

Forging Capabilities

Forging Capabilities
  • Gear blanks up to Ø2000mm by Ø650mm high
  • Forgings from 10Kg to 10 Tons


  • 1 , 1.5 and 3 Ton hammers
  • In line 3T manipulator works in tandem with 3T hammer

Ring Rolling

Ring Rolling
  • 3 Ring mills
  • Various rings up to 2.8 meters in diameter by 650mm high

Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses
  • 1000 Ton open die press
  • 1400 Ton open die press with 5 Ton manipulator

Expander Sizers

Expander Sizers
  • 2 Expander sizers are also used to ensure accurate ring roundness and to meet tight tolerances

Saw Bay

Saw Bay
  • Mutiple band saws able to cut raw material from ingot up to Ø1100mm

Engineering Capabilities:

  • CAD/CAM system-
  • Forge Forging
  • Simulation Software
  • SolidWorks
  • SOP for control of CNC
  • Machine Programs

Testing Capabilities:

  • Chemical composition analysis
  • NDT Testing (dye penetrant, UT, radiographic)
  • Hardness, Conductivity, & Grain Size Analysis
  • Mechanical testing (tensile-yield-elongation)

Production facilities for KM Steel India

Mill Location Mumbai
Area 2900m2
  • Piercing Mill
  • Furnace
  • Cutting and End Welder
  • Rotating Heat Furnace
  • Hot Induction Bend
  • Forming Machine
  • Leveling
  • Extruding Machine
  • Heat Treatment
  • Hot Rolling Mill
  • Tube Cutter
  • Beveling Machine
Production Schedule
20 -45 days

Value Added Service

  • Bending
  • Express delivery
  • Surface treatment / corrosion protection
  • Forging
  • Fabricate pipe & Fittings
  • additional material testing
  • mechanical preparation
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Parcel shipping
  • Re Draw & Expansion
  • Special packaging (export)
  • CNC Machining
  • mechanical preparation
  • Production also of small series
  • Neutral shipments to end customers
  • Polish ( Electro & Commercial )
  • Cladding
  • Wall thickness calculation
  • Drawing creation
  • Threading