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Hot Forged Fasteners manufacturer in India

KM Steel India is one of the premier organizations in India that focuses on manufacturing hot forged fasteners with different specifications. We produce Hot Forged Bolts of the highest quality and supply them to our esteemed clients within a short period. The standard fasteners like Hot Forged Nuts, bolts, screws, etc are made of carbon, alloy, and stainless steel grades. Our fasteners are used across the world in different industrial sectors like petrochemical, power plants, agriculture, construction, and railway industry.

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KM Steel India Is Exporter & supplier of Hot Forged Rivets and Large Diameter Bolts as per American and European standards, Call now for a quick quote!

What are Hot Forged Fasteners?

A hot-forged fastener is a hardware device that joins two or more objects together. The Hot Forged Cup Nib Bolts are produced at extreme heat till it reaches their desirable temperature based on the metal. Hot forging is best for producing Large Hot Forged Ajax Bolts that are used in technical applications and possess a high formability ratio. These fasteners possess a homogenized grain structure that allows the Hot Forged Csk Countersunk Nib Bolts to possess excellent strength and enhanced formability ratio due to their outstanding ductility. The Hot Forged Square Head Bolts on the downside have a less precise dimension and can be warped after the cooling process due to the surrounding conditions.

Advantages of Hot Forged Fasteners

The forging process of hot forged fasteners takes place at elevated temperatures making the metal very ductile. During this process, the Hot Forged Fasteners are deformed and any strain-hardening effects are balanced by the recrystallization process, allowing the fastener to possess a homogenized grain structure giving it excellent yield strength. The process is efficient in producing Hot Forged Stud Bolts from harder metals like steel, as its surface porosity enables the completion of polishing and surface treatment on the fastener. The Hot Forged Pyramid Bolts can be produced in different sizes and have a better chance of customization. Traditionally we or any other Hot Forged Bolts manufacturer in India choose hot forged fasteners for the fabrication of parts that have greater influence in different technical systems.

Buy directly from Hot Forged Fasteners manufacturer in India for a better deal, specialized in Industrial Large T Bolts and Cold Forged Socket Cap Screws in Asia

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  • High Tensile Bolts typically used for attaching medium to high-temperature service materials. Allen Cap Bolts may be liquid quenched at temperatures ranging from 50 °F to 900 °F and air quenched at temperatures ranging from -40 °F to 900 °F.

    KM Steel Bolts Manufacturer In India
  • Nuts are threaded fasteners used in conjunction with bolts to connect numerous pieces. Stainless nuts are threaded plugs developed to provide load-carrying threads in materials that are too thin to be inserted in blind holes or punched. KM Steel India supplied all products with mill test certificate en10204 3.1

    KM Steel Nuts manufacturer in India
  • Washers are frequently used in conjunction with a threaded fastener or screw. The austenitic stainless steel grade 316 is one of the most widely used. The 316 Stainless Steel Flat Washers offer high tensile strength and corrosion resistance.

    KM Steel Washer manufacturer In India
Hot Forging Process

Hot Forging Bolts is a process that can change the shape of a workpiece as it is compressed at hot or cold temperatures. Both these processes influence the characteristics of the fastener.

Cold Forging Process

Hot Forged Bolts are processed at high temperatures, with the correct temperature dependent on the metal type. Cold forging process workpieces at room temperature.

Check Hot Forged Eye Bolts price list in Mumbai, manufacturing Cold & Hot Forged Stud Bolts and Nuts in India accordance to ASME B18.2.1, DIN, ISO, ANSI, ASTM standards

Price List

Description Of Bolts Price Per Unit (INR) Price Per Unit In (USD)
Lifting Eye Bolts A4 M 16 339 4.57
Eye Bolts Type B A2 M 10 X 40 90 1.21
Hex Bolts GRADE:A4-80 SIZE:M12x80 302 4.07
Bolts Full Thread : SIZE: 8X125 4 0.054
Bolts Full Thread : SIZE: 8X150 7 0.067
Hexagon Head Bolts, DIN 931, SIZE: M20 X 260 189 2.55
High Tensile Bolts, 3/8 Unc * 4-1/2 Hex Head Bolts 8 0.10
DIN 931-hex Head Bolts, A2-80 M24x370 495 6.37
3/4 X 50mm Long Hex.head Bolts And Onewasher Without Nut 671 8.64
Bolts 7/16-14x1.00 Hex Head 14 0.64
Hex Head Bolts DIN 933 M33 X 120mm 387 4.98
Eye Bolts Type B A2 M 10 X 4 98 1.26
Hex Head Bolts M27x 100mm 195 2.51
Bolts Hex Head With Flange M5 10 0.13
Bolts Full Thread : SIZE: 8X80 6 0.040
Bolts Full Thread : SIZE: 8X100 8 0.040
Motorcycle Parts-bolts,flange,m8x130 20 0.26
M12 X 50 Mm Long (Full Thread) Hex Bolts 125 1.61
46mm X Od= 17mm With 10mm Hex Bolts 250 3.22
M12 X 45 Mm Long (Full Thread)- Hex Bolts With 1 Heavy Hex Nut & Bolts 122 1.57
Anchor Bolts M24x350 285 3.67
Bc0.50-3, Carriage Bolts, 0,5-13x3 358 4.61
Flat Fixed Head Bolts For Upto15.52mm 177 2.28
Anchor Bolts M12x150 265 3.41
M3x0.5x7mm Stud Bolts 163 2.10
Din 933/934 m16 X 75 Hex Bolts & Nut 2,856 36.75
M3x0.5x4mm Stud Bolts 175 2.25

Hot Forged Bolts manufacturers in India since 2011, M1.2 to M48 Hot Forged Hex Bolt, U Bolts and Socket Cap Screws supplier in Mumbai

What Is The Difference Between Hot Forged Fasteners And Cold-formed Fasteners?

1. The Cold Forged Nuts have an excellent surface finish and exhibit exceptional dimensional accuracy. Hot forged products possess a less precise dimensional tolerance and may exhibit a rough semi-finish.

2. Hot Forged Socket Cap Screws possess higher ductility allowing greater room for customization as compared to the few options available with cold-formed fasteners.

3. The cold forging process involved in producing Large Diameter Bolts creates low wastage of material and requires little to no finishing as compared to a hot forging process

4. The Hot Forged Rivets can be warped if they are not watched during the heating, forging, and cooling process. The cold forging can handle the three processesefficiently.

5. The Hot Forged Eye Bolts offer an economical option when compared to their time-consuming cold-forged counterparts.

6. The Large T Bolts areproduced via the hot forging process can be produced using every metal and be shaped in different sizes. The major disadvantage that Bolts And Nuts Manufacturers face is that the process is not suitable for all metal. Furthermore, it can be used to produce metal in select few shapes.