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How do I determine the right size and length of a fasteners for my project?

When determining the right size and length of fasteners for your project, it is important to consider the specific application requirements, load-bearing capacity & design specifications. Additionally, consulting with experienced professionals and suppliers can offer valuable insights and recommendations tailored to your project’s needs.

What are the available packaging options for the cold forged nuts?

Cold forged nuts offer various packaging options to ensure their safe transportation and storage. Common packaging options for cold forged nuts include bulk packaging in boxes or cartons, plastic bags, or blister packaging. These packaging methods help prevent damage, contamination, and loss during transit.

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Difference between hot forged and cold formed fasteners.

Hot forged fasteners are created by heating the metal material to a high temperature and then shaping it using dies & hammers. This process enhances the material’s strength & structural integrity.

On the other hand, cold-formed fasteners are created through mechanical pressure without heating the material, resulting in increased hardness and improved dimensional accuracy.

The cold forged nuts have an excellent surface finish and exhibit exceptional dimensional accuracy. Hot forged products possess a less precise dimensional tolerance and may exhibit a rough semi-finish.

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What is the return policy in case the purchased steel fasteners do not meet my requirements?

At KM Steel India, customer satisfaction is our top priority. In the rare instance that the purchased steel fasteners do not meet your requirements, we have a customer-friendly return policy in place. We understand the importance of delivering products that meet your expectations, and if there is any discrepancy & defect, we are committed to resolving the issue promptly.

Check recommended hardware and design temperature of forging fasteners while purchasing

What are the different testing requirements for exporting steel bolts?

Exporting steel bolts may require compliance with various testing requirements to ensure their quality and conformity to international standards. These testing requirements can include mechanical testing, such as tensile strength & hardness testing, as well as dimensional inspection & visual examination. Testing methods may be specified by industry standards like ASTM, ISO & customer-specific requirements.



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What are the available surface coatings for hot forged bolts?

  • Hot forged bolts can be coated with various surface coatings to enhance their performance and protection against corrosion.
  • Common surface coatings for hot forged bolts include zinc plating, hot-dip galvanizing, and organic coatings like epoxy or polymer-based coatings.
  • These coatings provide a barrier between the metal surface and the surrounding environment, preventing corrosion & extending the lifespan of the bolts.
available surface coatings
materials and manufacturing processes

Can you provide information about the materials and manufacturing processes used for your industrial fasteners?

KM Steel India takes pride in providing comprehensive information about the materials and manufacturing processes used for our industrial fasteners. We utilize high-quality materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel & alloy steel, and non-ferrous metals like brass and aluminum.

Our fasteners undergo precise manufacturing processes, including forging, machining, and cold forming, to ensure excellent strength, dimensional accuracy, and durability. We prioritize strict quality control measures & adhere to international standards to deliver fasteners that meet the highest industry requirements.